Environment overview

Minimising our environmental impact across the whole value chain is a core target for us. We’ve been setting annual improvement targets since 2004 and are working towards ambitious 2020 goals.

Coca-Cola HBC waste water treatment plant
Waste water treatment plant

Water stewardship

Water stewardship is a key priority for the Coca‑Cola system. Water is at the heart of our business. We understand its priceless value, respect it as one of the most precious of shared global resources and work vigorously to conserve it through all our operations.


We have developed a water strategy based on three fundamental principles:

  • The water we use: protect the water resources supplying our facilities, reduce the amount of water we use to produce our soft drinks and treat waste water to levels that support aquatic life
  • Partner with suppliers to minimise our water footprint across the entire value chain
  • Invest in community water conservation projects to replenish the water we use through innovative sustainable technologies



Water bottle filling line
A new lighter bottle, with 24 percent less plastic (PET), contributes to the reduction of gas emissions

Energy and climate change

To address the urgent threat of climate change, we have adopted an aggressive carbon reduction strategy.

We are improving our energy efficiency, switching to cleaner energy sources and developing low-carbon technologies. Through innovation and investment, we aim to turn climate risks into new opportunities for sustainable business development.

We have adopted the international environmental management system standard ISO 14001 in the majority of our plants. These are also audited against The Coca‑Cola Quality System standards on an annual basis.


Our extensive development of advanced cold drink equipment (CDE) and combined heat and power (CHP) units which we installed in 13 of our manufacturing sites, are key to achieving our sustainability goals.

We optimise the route to market, using much more efficient vehicles and, in some countries, rail transport to reduce emissions from our fleet.

Our goal is a 25 percent carbon reduction in the whole value chain and 50 percent carbon reduction from our direct operations by 2020 compared with 2010.

In 2018 we set new 17 sustainability commitments with the target year of 2025.


Crushed PET bottles for recycling
Bottles ready for recycling at PET plant

Packaging and recycling

We aim to minimise the environmental impacts of our packaging at every stage of its lifecycle. We do this by following our 3Rs principle: Reduce, Recovery, Reuse.

We increase our use of recycled or renewable content and implement light-weighting techniques. Collection, recovery and recycling are also key focus areas for reducing our environmental impact.

Sustainable agriculture

Due to population growth, climate change and growing food security issues, supplies may become harder to secure. Therefore it’s part of our preventive sustainability strategy to enhance supportive programmes towards sustainable agriculture.

Building on our responsible sourcing guidelines for our main agricultural raw materials, we have reviewed the various external standards for social and environmental performance towards which our suppliers are working.

Within our strategic sustainability framework, we also collaborate with our suppliers in order to build a sustainable supply chain as this is where the bulk of our environmental and socio-economic impacts lie. All our suppliers are required to comply with the Coca‑Cola Supplier Guiding Principles, which encompass workers’ rights, human rights, health & safety and the environment.

  • 0 For the fifth consecutive year, four of our plants Sent no waste to landfill in 2019, and we reduced the total amount of waste from plants to landfill to 0.36 grams per litre of beverages produced. This was and 8.5% reduction from 0.39 grams per litre of beverage produced in 2017.
  • 32 out of 53 of our plants hold either Gold certification from the European Water Stewardship programme or are certified against the Alliance for Water Stewardship Standard (AWS)

Coca‑Cola HBC makes CDP’s Global Climate 'A' list

CDP is the only global disclosure system for companies, cities, states and regions to manage their environmental impacts and for investors or purchasers to access environmental information for use in financial decisions. Its Climate A List comprises those companies from around the world that have been identified as leading in their efforts and actions to combat climate change in the past year.

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