With our Neptūnas production plant in Varėna (Lithuania) receiving a Gold level European Water Stewardship (EWS) certification for the responsible use of water resources, all of our 31 European Plants are now EWS certified. Outside of Europe, we continue to work towards our goal of certifying all our plants by the end of next year via the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) certification.

Water is the main ingredient in our products, and the need to conserve it for a sustainable future is key to our commitment to use water resources responsibly, while ensuring maximum compliance with International standards.

Marcel Martin, Group Supply Chain Director

“This certification is a landmark for us, as all of our European plants are now certified by EWS, congratulations to the team in Varėna and indeed our teams at all of our certified plants. These water stewardship certifications recognise excellence at every stage of water management, setting a high bar for the protection of water sources to the quality of waste water released into the environment. We are extremely conscious of the need to conserve and manage water sustainably and will continue to work with organisations such as European Water Stewardship (EWS) and the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) to ensure we maintain our excellent record as a leader in sustainability.”

Tadas Narankevičius, Neptūnas plant Manager

‘I’m really proud of the Neptūnas plant team. This certification is the result of years of hard work to ensure the best levels of water stewardship. Of course, being a sustainable business also requires us to work together with the local community and stakeholders to protect our natural resources beyond the boundaries of the plant, but  this certification proves that we are on the right path. It also motivates the whole team to continue our stewardship efforts and protect this vital resource.”