AdeZ, the new plant-based beverage, has expanded our offering into a new category, enabling us to help our customers meet consumers’ needs and desires and offer a drink that suits every occasion and lifestyle.

Deliciously nutritious and based on seeds such as almond, rice, soy and oats, plant based drinks are increasingly popular around the world as consumers look for healthy and nutritious choices to enjoy as part of a balanced diet. AdeZ blends seeds with fruit juices, vitamins and minerals for a rich, smooth and delicious taste and is available in re-sealable 100% recyclable PlantBottle™ packaging for on-the-go occasions with an easy to carry 250ml pack, or to complement breakfast at home in a larger 800ml bottle.

A few bottles of Adez laying inside of a box full of almonds.

Speaking at AdeZ’s launch event in Milan, Walter Susini, Chief Marketing Officer EMEA of The Coca‑Cola Company said: “As we move towards our vision to become a Total Beverage Company everywhere in the world, we are making this move in Europe into the exciting category of plant-based nutrition. After a success story in Latin America, AdeZ comes to our continent with new recipes – tailored to the European tastes and with no added sugar – as well as new packaging and visual identity, aiming to capture the growing appetite for delicious and varied nutrition. Driven by our passion for our consumers, we are bringing plant - based beverages (or drinks) to the mainstream, to nourish their potential by shaking up their morning routine or as a grab-and-go snack.”

Naya Kalogeraki, Chief Customer and Commercial Officer, Coca‑Cola HBC said: “We are really excited to be entering the plant based drink category. And we are energised by the challenges this has brought –new ingredients, new packaging, new labelling, new knowledge and a new customer selling proposition. Our teams have been working with amazing drive to deliver the launch in 13 of our markets in a very short period of time. These efforts have been amplified by our sales teams taking this new product to our customers and demonstrating how we can partner with them to meet consumer and shopper preferences and drive value together. We are confident that Adez, combined with our customary agility and passion, will enable us to be a strong player in this category in the near future.”

 Adez is now available in Poland, Romania, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Ireland and Russia.