We drive innovation by building on our strong family of brands and introducing new flavours and packages in specific markets.

We focus on innovating through the products we offer and their ingredients, including expanding our range of reduced and zero-calorie soft drinks and reducing the calorie content of many products in our portfolio.

In many of our markets, adults are a growing segment of our consumer base. We’ve launched several product innovations to make sure we meet their expectations and their increased interest in reducing their sugar and calorie intake.

We have progressively reformulated Fanta, Sprite and Nestea so they now contain up to 30 percent fewer calories than in 2010. This has been a gradual process to enable people to adjust to the reduced sugar content.

We are also innovating in our use of the natural sweetener stevia, a plant-based extract that has zero calories. We have introduced Sprite with stevia in some of our markets, while we are mainly using stevia in our Nestea range across our territories. We have recently launched Coca‑Cola Life in Ireland and Switzerland and more of our markets are planned to follow. Coca‑Cola Life contains less calories and is sweetened using a blend of sugar and stevia extract.

Cappy Pulpy bottle
Cappy Pulpy bottle

Innovating in juices

Our growth momentum in juices is driven by our powerful and relevant innovations, such as the Cappy Pulpy bottle and a low-cost returnable bottle proposition for hotels, restaurants and cafes.