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Introducing our world-class portfolio


We have a world-class portfolio of more than 130 brands, including Coca-Cola, the best-known and biggest selling soft drink in history.


Explore the brands we sell

AdeZ comes to 13 Coca‑Cola HBC markets to Unlock the Power of Plants

AdeZ, the new plant-based beverage, has expanded our offering into a new category, enabling us to help our customers meet consumers’ needs and desires and offer a drink that suits every occasion and lifestyle.

FUZETEA launch brings exciting ready to drink tea to 27 Coca‑Cola HBC markets

Monday 15th January 2018 saw the official unveiling of FUZETEA in Europe as representatives from Coca‑Cola HBC joined the launch in Zurich, the biggest since Coca‑Cola Zero 12 years ago.


Brand A-Z


Our commitments

The Coca‑Cola Company announced a series of commitments in 2013, which the Coca‑Cola system – of which Coca‑Cola HBC is a part – aims to achieve by 2020.


Water & Juice: a unique Coca‑Cola system team

Our unique Coca‑Cola system team focuses on developing solutions and driving growth efficiencies in our Water & Juice business in central and south-eastern Europe.

We’re proud to be bottlers of the best-known and biggest-selling soft drink in history: Coca-Cola

Brand A-Z

The brands we sell

Supermarket shelf of Fanta bottles

Sparkling drinks

We're the number one supplier of sparkling soft drinks in our markets.

Product photography of the different tastes of fuzetea

Still drinks

We produce a wide range of still drinks, from juices and iced tea to energy and sports drinks.

Glass of water with a slice of lemon


We offer a great range of water brands, providing plenty of choice for consumers.

Which brands are available in your country?

Coca-Cola HBC map of operations

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